About the Conference

The Global Health Academy was originally conceived and organized by the Institute of Global Health of the University of Geneva as an addition to the well-established Geneva Health Forum. Since 2020, it is co-organized by the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health and is planned to be held annually, alternating between Geneva and Heidelberg. It is a forum for open minded thought and debate about Global Health challenges.

Because of the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic, the Global Health Academy was cancelled for 2020. The Pandemic, however, underscores the necessity for such a forum for young academics and professionals. The Global Health Academy aims to help young researchers develop the capacity to discover innovative approaches in a rapidly changing world facing the additional challenge of COVID-19 together with other important challenges of the 21st century such as population growth and migration, demographic changes, epidemiological transitions, climate change, digitalization, global solidarity vs. nationalism, etc. The Global Health Academy follows an innovative approach combining targeted training with scientific exchange and discussion. This well-established and successful concept is ideal for identifying and understanding the scientific, technological and social transformations changing health today.

The Heidelberg Institute of Global Health together with the Heidelberg Graduate School of Global Health is hosting the 2021 Global Health Academy to demonstrate its commitment and achievements in capacity strengthening, training and research and is willing to provide opportunities for young researchers in cooperation with the Institute of Global Health of the University of Geneva

The thematic choice for the Global Health Academy Heidelberg 2021 (GHA 21) is obvious for many reasons. An ongoing pandemic of an extent that literally no one has first hand experience and yet affects humankind as a whole in multiple aspects. For the first time humankind was able to develop tools that enable us to control, contain and eventually even end the Pandemic. However, at the same time the pandemic exposes and aggravates existing inequities in health. It is ruthlessly revealing our incompetence to act together beyond the interests of national states and private companies. COVID-19 represents a global threat but at the same time underscores the need for Global Health and offers the opportunity to progress in Global Health.


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Organization team

Florian Neuhann
Heidelberg Institute of Global Health
Volker Winkler
Heidelberg Institute of Global Health
Claudia Beiersmann
Heidelberg Institute of Global Health
Eric Comte
Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva
Jelena Milenkovic
Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva